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About the Kronberg Circle

The Kronberg Circle is a private and independent initiative; it is the first global network of premier notary (public) offices throughout the world who :


(i)   provide international support to their customers whatever the geographical scope of their needs,


(ii)   build personal relationships with each other in a spirit of trust and mutual respect,


(iii)   rely on each other when making or receiving referrals or helping out with questions of local law,


(iv)   share the same best-in-class quality standards, and


(v)   meet up yearly to exchange experiences and strengthen the network.



Today, the Kronberg Circle brings together Notaries based in 21 countries and is continuously expanding. The members of the network also meet up once per year in order to get to know each other better, share experiences and strengthen the trust-based relationship.

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The Kronberg Circle is an international network of (Public) Notary Offices where the members meet up with peers, share experiences and make referrals to each other.

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