Öffentlicher Notar Matthias Mlynek

Marktplatz 27/2
3470 Kirchberg am Wagram

Office: +43 2279 26017
Email: office@notar-mlynek.at
Web: www.notar-mlynek.at


Matthias Mlynek

Office: +43 2279 26017
Email: m.mlynek@notar-mlynek.at
Languages: English, German

Areas of Expertise
– Land law
– Notifications
– Company law
– Translations
– Inheritance law
– Mediation


Matthias was born in 1978 in Vienna Austria as a son of two lawyers. After he finished High School and fulfilled his mandatory military service in the Austrian army he started Law School in Vienna and finished his Master degree in German „Magister juris“ in 2002. During his studies he studied one Term at the Law University of Vilnius in Lithuania.

After this Matthias started his Philiosphical Doctor (Ph-D) studies at the institute of Roman Law at the University of Vienna and finished in 2003. After the compulsary court clerk ship at different Courts in Austria he went to England for one year and obtained a Master of European Law course at the University of Kent at Canterbury.

In 2005 he started as a Notary kandidate and he was declared a Notary in 2014. Since 1st of February 2015 he runs his own office in Kirchberg am Wagram which is about 50 Km away from Vienna. During his time as a Kandidate Matthias also made the education to become a Mediator and a certified  legel interpretor for the English language.