Olenz Notarissen

Vendelier 2
3905 PA Veenendaal
The Netherlands

Office: +31 318 529 393
Email: notarissen@olenz.nl
Web: www.olenz.nl


Koen van den Berg

Office: +31 318 799 960
Email: kvdberg@olenz.nl
Languages: English, Dutch


Koen is the enthousiastic head of the family and inheritance law department of Olenz notarissen. He specialises in (international) inheritance and family law and (international) estate planning.

Although family and inheritance law is a traditional Dutch notarial field, Koen’s working method is certainly not. He is very approachable, has a broad view and therefore looks for solutions that lie on the well-known paths, but very often also beyond. His focus is on complex estates, their planning and, in particular, the prevention of problems in the settlement of an estate. His expertise lies mainly in the field of entrepreneurs and private individuals with assets both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Koen regularly gives lectures on inheritance law and the related tax aspects. He is an editor for the magazine Rechtspraak Notariaat (Notarial case law) and is therefore familiar with the relevant court decisions in his field. He stays up-to-date in the field of estate planning through the specialist association Estate Planners in the Notariaat (Notarial Estate Planners) and he is also a member of the Working Group on Family and Inheritance Law, which represents the Dutch Royal Notarial Professional Organization (KNB) at the Council of the Notariats of the European Union (CNUE). He also develops his knowledge of international law and keeps abreast of international developments as an Affiliate Member of The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

What characterizes Koen in particular is that he finds the technical knowledge of his field extremely interesting and bites into it, while he gets the greatest satisfaction in its practical applicability.

Arnaud Wilod Versprille

Office: +31 318 580 743
Email: aversprille@olenz.nl
Languages: English, Dutch, German


Arnaud Wilod Versprille is born in Nijmegen on 14 September 1969. He graduated as master of law at the Radboud University in Nijmegen in 1991 and was appointed as civil-law notary in Veenendaal 1998. He specialises in company law and since 2015 he is one of the leading legal advisers regarding sustainability in the Netherlands and as such is lecturer at the University in Groningen.

About Olenz Notarissen

Olenz notarissen is a Dutch civil-law notary firm that consists of 4 legal partners and 15 law graduated assistant civil-law notaries. Duet o this size we have specialised teams working in the following fields: corporate law, family law and estate planning, real estate law and susatainability.

We are strong in understanding new and complex situations. And eager to find the best solution. Every day is about looking ahead, making the right choices and making thoughtful decisions. We like to actively think along with our clients. Based on years of experience and broad as well as in-depth legal knowledge.

Our office is large enough to operate at a high level and small enough for the human scale. We like to keep it personal. This helps to ask the right, critical questions and to act quickly. Up-to-date market knowledge and insights into the world of our clients are of course part of this.

In this way we can advise our clients on all fronts and give direction to the best way to realize our client’s ambitions.