Shlomit Deutscher

36, Yetsiat europa St.
4351836 Raanana

Office: +972 9 771 8604


Shlomit Deutscher

Office: +972 9 771 8604
Languages: Hebrew, English and German

Areas of Expertise

– Notarial work in specified languages
– Real and commercial estates
– Conflict inc. Domestic solutions
– ProBono Legal aid for Holocaust Survivors
– Court civil litigation
– Public & Private international law


Born and raised in Tel Aviv. Graduated from Tel Aviv University in Law, Music and philosophy. Exercising all three areas.

Have instituted my own Law and Notarial firm In the city of Raanana 30 years ago. Up until this year  (Covid 19 uprise) have been working with two wonderful employees.
The Firm specializes in Family Law, Real Estate Transactions and creative Crisis Solutions, inter aliae Arbitration.

Communicate in Hebrew, English and French and am certified for Formal docs in all three languages by the Israeli Ministry of Justice. The practice continues by technological devices at this time.