Kronberg Quality Standards

Quality Standards

All the Notaries who are a member of the Kronberg Circle personally undertake to observe the below rules and commitments. In case it is established that a Member does not respect these commitments, he/she can be excluded from the Kronberg Circle.

I. Quality


Members of the Kronberg Circle undertake to :


i. welcome the client in a friendly, professional environment putting them at ease;


ii. listen to the client’s needs and create a relationship based on trust;


iii. make a professional analysis of the matter and quickly offer effective, personalized advice and solutions;


iv. handle the client’s file with qualified professionals who have been trained to provide top quality services;


v. communicate timely and properly with the client, also in matters of pricing;


vi. be pro-active in handling the matter and anticipate the client’s needs and questions;


vii. handle complaints immediately and appropriately, including inviting the client for a discussion if needed or requested so by the latter;


viii. be interested in the client’s feedback and satisfaction level through dedicated tools or questions;


ix. observe, in all circumstances, any laws, regulations and deontological rules applicable to them.




II. Requests for support, referrals and cooperation


i. When a Member reaches out to another member, the latter will respond promptly. Urgent matters will be handled without delay.


ii. The receiving Member will handle the request or the matter with the same degree of priority as that applicable to his most favoured clients.


iii. If he cannot help or assist the requesting Member, he will make his best effort to provide for an alternative solution or support for the requesting Member.


iv. Where a Member has to refer a matter to a notary in another country, he will, to the extent he has the freedom to do so, refer matters to a Member of the Kronberg Circle in the other country.


v. The receiving Member will keep the referring Member posted on a regular basis of the developments in the file or matter, to the extent necessary.


vi. Where two or more Members cooperate, they will do so in a spirit of genuine support and transparency. They will proceed without undue delay and always act in the best interest of the final client.




III. Collegiality and mutual support


i. Members join the Kronberg Circle in a spirit of trust and respect which constitute the main values applicable to the membership.


ii. Members agree to be willing to work together and to be available for other members for requests for information, support or other demands.


iii. Members agree to participate actively in the Kronberg Circle’s activities.


iv. Members share and will apply the highest professional quality standards and expectations to the Kronberg Circle’s activities.


v. Members undertake to treat any information they receive from other members as confidential and will not disclose the same unless the disclosing member has given his prior written consent to do so.


vi. Members will make their best effort to attend the Annual Summit since this is an important event that allows the Members to know each other better and build long-term trust-based relationships.

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The Kronberg Circle is an international network of (Public) Notary Offices where the members meet up with peers, share experiences and make referrals to each other.

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