Join the Network

Today, there is a need for notaries to link up, exchange experiences, refer work to each other, in short, to be able to rely on other trustworthy notaries in other countries for cross-border matters.

The Kronberg Circle is an international network of notaries who want to build personal relationships with colleagues they can rely on when they have questions of foreign law.

The Circle is open to (i) “Civil-law notaries” or “Latin Notaries” and also to (ii) “Common-Law Notaries” or “Public Notaries” who have a legal background or education.

You are a Notary Office with a strong interest in international contacts, you have an impeccable reputation and you are interested to share experiences and business with international peers you can trust. Join the Network by completing the contact form and we will revert to you with more information.

What Benefits For Members ?

The Kronberg Circle brings together notary offices who can follow customers across borders. Within the network, you meet and learn to know peers you can trust because they adhere to the same quality standards and have the same concern of providing top-notch services to their clients.

All the members of the Circle formally sign the Kronberg Circle Commitments that reflect their commitment to the highest quality standards in providing notarial services to their clients. The Commitments relating to Client Service will also be available on the website.

During the annual two-day Summit, you will build a network of trusted peers, you will share experiences and practices, and you can attend practical lectures that will bring immediate added value to your daily practice. The Summit will strengthen the trust between the members.

When faced with transnational files or questions, you can cooperate with your peers and rely on professional support from the other member(s) in any country. This way, you can provide one-stop-shop services to your clients, also in international matters.