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The Kronberg Circle brings together international public notaries from around the globe allowing them to offer seamless answers to their clients’ international notarial matters and questions.

Who are we?

We are modern notaries who decided back in 2016 to organise an international network of public notaries in order to assist each other in cross-border matters, learn from each other and actually better serve our international clients. Our Annual Summit offers us the opportunity to get to know each other better and to learn from each other so that we can offer a seamless international service.

Our values

Quality Service

The notaries of the Kronberg Circle undertake to welcome the client in a friendly, professional environment putting them at ease. They listen to the client’s needs and create a relationship based on trust. They follow matters closely and communicate timely and transparently with their clients, also on cost aspects.

International Coverage

The Kronberg Circle is the first global network of notaries who know each other and are used to work together. It brings together experienced notary offices who can follow their clients across borders and address any questions involving multiple national legislations.

Top-notch Expertise

The notaries of the Kronberg Circle make a professional analysis of the matter and quickly offer effective, personalized advice and solutions. They handle the client’s files with qualified professionals who have been trained to provide top quality advice and solutions.

Our Notaries say...